From: ("Ernest Hancock")
To: ("Ernest Hancock")
Subject: [lpaz-discuss] Police state in doubt still?
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 23:07:36 -0700">href="">

How can anyone doubt it anymore?

Federal checkpoints in downtown Detroit.

A secret appellate review courts determines that an acknowledged violation
of the Bill of Rights is legally acceptable.


Official acknowledgment that the feds have created a list of people - not
accused of crimes - who are not allowed to fly. Another list - again, of
people not accused of a crime - to be singled out for harassment if
they're foolish enough to try flying.

The Pentagon's Information Awareness Office and , in turn, its Total
Information Awareness data-miner, meant to snoop on citizens not accused
of crimes.

No-warrant placement of keystroke bugs on suspects' computers.

Public strip searches in airports, with dissenters arrested and sentenced
to public humiliation.

Secret military trials for US citizens.

Hundreds of people arrested, and held incommunicado in secret, without
criminal charges.

Congress abdicates its responsibility to control the declaration of war. 
The President issues a continuous stream of lies to justify a war.

The FBI creates an national climate of fear by releasing vague, baseless
warnings of imminent attacks by nameless, invisible foes.

Secret fishing expeditions in libraries by the FBI, to see if anyone is
reading unapproved books.

Republican declarations of a "mandate" from the people, when little more
than a third of those _allowed_ to vote even did so.

The US Attorney General accuses his critics of terrorism.

A high-level DOD official declares that freedom is not a right.

The TSA prepares rules for internal travel documents.

The Supreme Court rules that there is no right to privacy.

Congress considers bills to require identity papers for all citizens.

Cell phones are required to incorporate tracking devices.

Telephone companies are required to install equipment that allows remote
tapping of all telephones in the country by the feds.


Police patrol the streets in battle gear.

Congress considers new legislation to put federal military troops on the

The President signs yet another order declaring a national emergency.

TIPS gets a new lease on life in the Homeland Security bill(1), and New
York implements a state version.

Anonymous informer hotlines, violating the Sixth Amendment, are the norm
in "law enforcement."

Welcome to the police state; now shut up and do as you're told, tovarisch.

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